The Cap Label Machine


-Power: 1500 Watt, 220V 60Hz
-Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6 MPa
-Speed: Up to 50 labels per minute
-Precession: 1.0mm
-Label Sizes: L: 20mm-471mm x H: 10mm-180mm
-Cap Sizes:20mm-180mm
-Container Sizes: Outer Diameter 40mm-150mm / H: 30-200mm
-Label Roll Inner Diameter: 76mm
-Label Roll Outer Diameter: 360mm (max)
-Size: 2000mm x 1050mm x 1600mm
-Weight: 385lbs

The Cap Label Machine is a stainless steel, simple, compact, easy to
operation and maintain machine. The photoelectric detection has an
automatic correction and automatic alarm detection function when the
labels run out and/or no container no label to prevent leakage and waste.

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