Pack 520 Horizontal Flow Pack Machine


-Main machine structure in steel with covers in stainless steel
-Product contact parts in stainless steel
-2000 mm long infeed conveyor with nylon pushers
-3 sets of wheels for longitudinal sealing
-Transverse rotary sealing jaw
-Reel holder with air expanding shaft
-Discharge conveyor belt complete of AC motor
-3 brushless servomotors
-Control panel with a 7” HD touch screen
-Remote maintenance

-Photocell for print registered film
-Photocell “no product no bag”
-Pneumatic opening of wheels (longitudinal sealing)
-Labelling devices
-Two or more up-jaws
-Double film reel holder
-Automatic film splicer
-Automatic feeding systems
-Zig-zag knife
-Euroslot die cutting system
-Full Inox version
The Pack 520 Horizontal Flow Pack Machine is designed to guarantee high performances. It’s ideal for edibles such as cookies, biscuits, bars, taffy and many others. The Flow 700 is capable of wrapping up to 150 bags per minute.

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