-Bag Material: Multilayer Composite Premade Bag(e.g.: PET/PE)
-Bag Type: Doy bag, Zipper bag, Edging bag 4 sides, Edging bag 3 sides, Paper bag
-Upgradable Bag Type: Gusset Bag, Zipper Bag,Flat Bottom Pouch
-Size Range: W:80~200mm | L: 80~380mm
-Speed: 30-60 ppm (pre opened zipper)
-Voltage: 220V, Single-phase, 60HZ, 2.5KW
-Air Pressure: 0.65Mpa
-Air Consumption: 0.4m³/min(Supplied by user)
-Body Dimension: 1710 x 1505 x 1640mm
-Touch Screen: 7″ color touch

The RotoBagger is your solution to automate edibles and other hard candy or productions.

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