The Pre Made Pouch Bagger Full Servo


-Full servo motion control system
-10” HMI LCD touch control operational system
-Servo controlled pouch opening system with vacuum
-Working with various dimensions of pouches
-Heavy duty construction
-Servo controlled pouch stretching system
-Servo controlled pouch opening control system
-No bag, no fill system
-Pouch feeding system
-Stainless steel machine body
-Accordance with CE standards
-Pouch Width: Minn. 80mm Max 320mm
-Pouch Length: Minn. 100mm Max 420mm
-Operational Speed: Single – 55 bpm / Duplex – 110 bpm / Triple – 150 bpm

The Pre Made Pouch Full Servo automatic packing machine is designed for automatically opening, filling, sealing pre-made pouches, which can operate on variety of bag styles, including 3 or 4 side sealed, pillow pouches, stand up bags, gusseted pouches and quad sealed, box pouch bags with zipper or without.

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