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GET TO KNOW USPackaging for Cannabis People, by Cannabis People

Cannabis packaging isn’t just what we do. It’s a lifestyle we are truly passionate about. Our team of highly trained packaging machinery experts happen to enjoy cannabis just like you.

Our mission is to effectively automate your cannabis packaging through optimized solutions and exceptional service, potentially saving you millions of dollars each year on unnecessary labor costs.

More cash flow means more cannabis for everyone.
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You Grow Cannabis. We Grow Your Business.

Your business can quickly reach the next level with the right systems and processes in place. At LeafyPack, our friendly team of cannabis and packaging specialists thrive at helping you find the perfect solutions for your specific needs.

Core Beliefs

• Strong partnerships are forged over time, just like our machines.

• Complete transparency is essential to building valuable relationships.

• The best service is provided when you take pride in what you do.

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We’ve Got Your Back

Quality service that exceeds industry standards. Our service department is comprised of highly qualified specialists who have decades of combined experience in the manufacturing, installation, and servicing of packaging machines.
Our machines automatically detect and inform us of any issues or potential problems you may run into. Our service technicians will contact your operator of choice if any errors are triggered that could slow down or halt your automation process.
We stand by our product performance. No machine is sold until it is repeatedly tested over and over and passes a thorough performance checklist.
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