LeafyPack’s Apollo Pro Pre-Roll Machine: The Ultimate Automated Solution

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of the cannabis industry, one sector that’s witnessed an impressive growth is pre-rolled cannabis products, more specifically, crown tip pre-rolls. Revered for their sophisticated aesthetics and an unparalleled smoking experience, these pre-rolls have captured the fancy of cannabis enthusiasts far and wide. However, the intricacies of producing these at large scale manually can pose a significant challenge. Imagine if there was a way to automate this process, ensuring consistent high quality and incredible productivity. This is where the Apollo Pro enters the frame.

Introducing the Game-Changer: Apollo Pro Pre-Roll Machine

Designed to revolutionize your production line, the Apollo Pro pre-roll machine has the capacity to produce a staggering 1200 crown tip pre-rolls in a single hour. This potential for radical transformation begs the question: how does it manage this exceptional feat?

Maximizing Efficiency

The key to Apollo Pro’s triumph is its unrivaled efficiency. Its ability to generate 1200 pre-rolls per hour serves as an enabler to supercharge your productivity levels. This leads to a streamlined and expedited production process, escalating market availability and resulting in a significant boost in your revenue.

Commitment to Perfection

What sets Apollo Pro apart is its unwavering dedication to perfection. Despite its breakneck operational speed, the machine upholds uncompromised quality. Each pre-roll is a testament to this commitment, showcasing uniform weight, tight packing, and the hallmark ‘crown tip’, all exuding unmatched sophistication.

The Power of Automation

The appeal of Apollo Pro lies in its automation. With this innovative machine, the tedious task of manually crafting each pre-roll is a thing of the past. The machine takes over, demanding minimal human intervention, thereby enhancing production speed and minimizing human errors. The result is a consistently high-quality, standardized product each time.

Moreover, the machine’s automation has been ingeniously designed to accommodate a variety of cannabis strains and textures. This offers businesses the flexibility to diversify their product range without the need for additional machinery.

User-Friendly Interface

Despite its technological prowess, the machine impresses with its incredibly user-friendly interface. Designed for intuitive operation, it significantly reduces the learning curve for your team. The simple setup, coupled with low maintenance requirements, ensures smooth, uninterrupted operations.

How Does LeafyPack’s Pre- Roll Machine Work?

Engineered in California, the hub of cannabis innovation, the Apollo Pro pre-roll machine is an innovative device that simplifies and enhances efficiency in the pre-roll weighing and production process. Notably, it can produce up to 1200 pre-rolls an hour with just a single operator. Its mobile frame, equipped with casters, provides unparalleled flexibility, adeptly navigating busy operations without compromising speed or precision.

  • Before operating the Apollo Pro, you set your desired fill amount and other parameters via the intuitive PLC touch screen. With these settings in place, the machine stands ready to deliver.
  • The Apollo Pro is designed to accommodate 84, 98, and 109 millimeter cones in addition to straight cones ( 84/26mm), ensuring versatility in your pre-roll production process. The first station pulls cones from the cone holder and places them onto the carousel. They are then moved to the next station for filling with flower, gently held by two hoppers.
  • At the fill station, the flower is dispensed into two German load cells, accurately weighed to a hundredth of a gram precision, and then filled into each cone. From there, the cones move to the oscillation station, where silent pneumatic bounces ensure the flower is properly settled at the crutch of the cone. Spring-loaded tampers then gently push down the flower to guarantee a perfect pack.
  • Next, the packed pre-rolls proceed to the Twister station, where Servo Motors gently twist the cones closed. Cutters then trim off any excess paper, and the pre-roll tops are gently pressed down to create the signature Crown finish, adding a beautiful touch that elevates the smoking experience.

Concluding Thoughts

The Apollo Pro pre-roll machine is a game-changer for the cannabis industry. It streamlines the pre-roll production process, reduces labor costs, and consistently produces high-quality products. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, the Apollo Pro is a must-have for anyone in the pre-roll manufacturing business.

In the fiercely competitive world of the cannabis industry, businesses need to consistently innovate, optimize, and adapt. LeafyPack’s pre-roll machine offers a golden opportunity to do just that, automating your production process while guaranteeing a high-quality output.

With the capacity to produce 1200 flawless ‘crown tip’ pre-rolls per hour, this machine is poised to revolutionize your operations, enhancing efficiency, reducing labor costs, and ultimately, driving profitability. Embrace the future of pre-roll production with Apollo Pro pre-roll machine today and Roll like a pro!