EcoBagger Pre-Made Pouch

Our EcoBagger allows companies to WALK before they RUN. This pre-made pouch machine is capable of packaging between 10-20 bags per minute, it’s fully servo and has all the characteristics of a high production machine. It is compact, affordable, easy to use and still has the build quality of bigger machines! The EcoBagger can be equipped with a horizontal bag magazine for easy pouch loading, automatic zipper opening device, gas flush, bag shaker at the fill station for product leveling and ink jet printer for lot code and best before date printing. Partner with us now with our EcoBagger and you’ll be able to take advantage of our TRADE-IN program with our higher production packaging machines down the road.

  • Bag Width: 60mm ≤ Width ≤ 150 mm
  • Bag Length: 110mm ≤ Width ≤ 210 mm
  • Bag shape: Standup Pouch, 3-side Sealed Pouch, Box Pouch
  • Mechanical Max Speed: Up to 20 BPM with 1s Discharge Filling time without zipper opener. 17 BPM with 1s discharge time and zipper opener