Flat Pouch Label Machine

The LeafyPack Flat Pouch Label Machine is made in Germany with guaranteed quality. It features a fully enclosed design with IP65, dust proof and water poof rating. It is equipped with the most advanced adaptive labeling control with an independent operation touch screen. The system is built with a simple label roll change over.

  • Driver: German NOVEXX
  • Speed: 50-150 (depends on product and label size)
  • Labeling Accuracy: ±1.0 mm
  • Label Inner Diameter: 76 mm
  • Label Outer Diameter: 350 mm(max)
  • Label Sizes: L: 15-300mm,W:15-110mm
  • Tag Sizes: L: 20-300mm , W:30-300mm
  • Air Requirements: 5kg/cm ² / 72 PSI
  • Voltage: 110V or 220V
  • Machine size: 2200(L) 1000 (W) 1300 (H) mm