LeafyPack Introduces EVOCAN

LeafyPack is proud to introduce our new subsidiary, EVOCAN, a forward-thinking company specializing in advanced depositing systems for the confectionery industry.

Introducing the DH-30 Servo Driven Depositor

Key to our new venture is the unveiling of the “DH-30” Servo Driven Depositor Machine. This innovative device is set to transform the efficiency and scope of candy production.

What the DH-30 Offers:

– High Output: The DH-30 is engineered to produce up to 18,000 gummies per hour, with potential expansion up to 30,000.
– Versatility: Our dual hopper system enables the simultaneous production of two different flavors or colors, broadening your product range with ease.
– Application Diversity: From gummy candies to chocolates, the DH-30 caters to a wide array of confectionery needs.

Dual Hopper System: A Leap in Candy Manufacturing

The dual hopper feature of the DH-30 is not just a technical achievement; it’s a strategic advantage. It allows manufacturers to diversify their offerings, adding value to their production line.

See the DH-30 in Action ūüé•

For more information on the DH-30 and other innovative solutions from Evocan and LeafyPack, please reach out to us. We are excited to support your journey in elevating your confectionery production.