The RotoBagger – Most Successful Automated Premade Pouch Machine

The LeafyPack RotoBagger, recognized as the best-selling rotary pre-made pouch machine, offers unmatched performance and versatility. Its features include:

◾️ Unrivaled Speed: Packaging up to 50 bags per minute, it’s the fastest in its class, significantly boosting production line efficiency.

◾️ Versatility with Products: Expertly handles a range of products, including flower and edibles, demonstrating its adaptability to various packaging needs.

◾️ Seamless Weighing System Integration: Effortlessly connects with most weighing systems, ensuring a smooth workflow from weighing to packaging.

◾️ Compatibility with End-of-Line Solutions: Integrates perfectly into a variety of end-of-line solutions, creating a comprehensive packaging process.

◾️ Harmonious Operation with Green Vault Systems‘ Precision Batcher: Specifically designed for compatibility with the Precision Batcher from Green Vault Systems, ensuring efficient and precise packaging.

◾️ User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with an intuitive control system for easy operation and efficient management of the packaging process.

◾️ Durability and Low Maintenance: Built for long-term reliability with minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs.

◾️ Compact and Efficient Design: Its space-efficient design is ideal for facilities with limited space, maintaining high efficiency without occupying excessive space.

The success of the RotoBagger is a testament to our dedication to delivering innovative and quality solutions in the packaging industry.